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We know it’s tough toting those tots, but for the safety of our guests strollers are not permitted on the Museum floor.

We do ask that you please leave your stroller in your vehicle.

We encourage you to bring your own infant carrier or backpack, but in case you forget we do keep a limited amount at the front desk available for use on a first-come, first-served basis.

Molder said the owners of each business are now facing charges. Molder stated in a press release they are methodically processing the evidence seized in the search warrants due to the complexity of the case.

Children should regularly attend the full school day for your Pre-K child to maintain their enrollment slot.

Once a child is out, late or leaves early for more than 5 days due to unexcused absences, the Principal will follow up with the family to discuss the absences.

Please keep in mind, id a child has been out for 20 or more school days, the child will lose his/her State Pre-K slot and another child's family will be offered the slot.

Please see the handbook for further explanations of excused absences and unexcused absences.

And that’s how it happens that dog racing and One-Eyed Jacks poker co-exist in an aging facility on Old Bradenton Road. Now, a gambling itch can be scratched with lottery tickets or a vacation at a Hard Rock Casino facility.

The money that keeps the Sarasota dog track in the black comes from gambling on cards, not dogs, thanks to a Florida law that requires dog (or horse) racing if facilities also offer gambling on card games. Today’s gambler has the Florida lottery, Seminole Indian facilities as close as Tampa, high-stakes poker, online gambling.

Once, this orange and white building with its massive parking lot and oval quarter-mile dirt track was a destination for the affluent seeking an entertaining evening. Recent figures show that, in Florida, where 16 dog and horse tracks survive, the amount wagered on racing has dropped from about $620 million to $300 million in the past decade alone.

Built in 1929, the Sarasota Kennel Club owes much to multimillionaire and philanthropist Jerry Collins and his family. As he did with four circuses and five other race tracks he bought, Collins made it profitable. Money not bet on racing has to be replaced by…something.