онлайн игры гейминатор

Open inside Madison Square Garden where Cody and the Turtles are attending the Digi-Game Convention.

As the guys walk around looking at various game showcases, they find the mother of all high tech game systems, the Gaminator!

As they look on in awe, we notice an electric charge surge through a power line just behind them.

As the surge moves, we see it run down to Sh’Okanabo’s ship…

it’s Viral, and she has a new plan to destroy the Turtles once and for all!

Later at Cody's apartment, it appears that Viral’s plan has begun when Cody receives a free prototype system from Gaminator industries.

Cody allows the Turtles to do the honors and play the first game.

The TMNT grab controllers and gear up for a new gaming experience.

When the system turns on, it literally sucks them into the game, leaving their bodies in the real world, frozen stiff and unconscious!

Their minds are trapped in the system's "Dungeonator" game without their weapons!

Back inside the apartment, Cody tries to grab the Turtles, but is zapped when he reaches for their bodies.

Thus the teen seems incapable of helping his friends and can only view them via the holographic game screen.