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Great content is the fuel for valuable conversations and productive interactions between you and your followers.

In a world of too much information, the simple act of finding and sharing great content that is relevant to your audience is among the best ways to express and differentiate your brand.

Content curation refers to the process of finding and sharing the best content on a particular subject.

When done effectively, it is based on three key activities: This article presents 19 practical suggestions for how to discover, contextualize and share great curated content.

While I use specific examples of financial services content because I work in this area, the methods and tools are universally applicable to virtually any subject matter.

Discovery of great content is the foundation of any curation strategy.

You have to learn where to find topical material, then you have to pore through lots of it to find the gems.

And this is perhaps the most important point: curation is a human skill that is honed through practice.

The more content a curator sees, the more the curator is able to detect when something stands out from the rest.

Here are some tips for discovering great content (with specific examples in financial services): Set up alerts for search terms and have the results emailed to you daily.

For instance, try monitoring for general terms like “personal finance” or more precise terms like “leveraged ETFs”.

Try a lot of different keyword combinations and monitor to see which ones are the most fruitful for your objectives.