гейминатор бесплатно играть

Especially for you we developed a mortgage calculator Netherlands in English so you can calculate which mortgage amount you can borrow.

This mortgage calculator Netherlands gives you a good estimation of the amount you can borrow based on your income and other loans you may have in the Netherlands.

It can be that the exact maximum mortgage amount is different than calculated with this mortgage calculator.

This can happen because the mortgage calculator calculates that you will choose a fixed mortgage rate period of shorter than 10 years.

If you choose a fixed period of 10 years your loan capacity will be higher.

Also your income can be different than the amount you give up in the mortgage calculator.

With a mortgage not every part of the salary can be used.

This depends of the mortgage rules of the mortgage provider.

In general: – basic salary – vacation money – 13th month – permanent year-end bonus, not depending of company result – commission, average last 12 months – overtime, average last 12 months – fixed fees, average last 12 months If you have the 30% ruling there are possibilities that mortgage providers can loan you more because your net income is much higher than where the mortgage calculator is calculating with.

After using the mortgage calculator Netherlands you will have a good estimation of the maximum mortgage you can get.

If you really want to know how much you can loan feel free to contact the mortgage advisors of Expats Amsterdam.

In a meeting we can tell you what your possibilities are and how much the maximum mortgage is.