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Integrated approach: Since 2009, I feel honored to have been able to help people to better help themselves as a therapist.

I have a saying that “it’s hard to be human” because I feel that everyone goes through hard times in their lives; and it can be very rewarding to have a confidential, trained professional to talk with, to help to speed and to comfort you through those difficult times.

In my over 8000 hours of experience, I have worked with clients of all ages, including children, adolescents, young adults, and adults with issues such as grief, loss, anxiety, substance abuse, gambling addictions, PTSD, sexual abuse, eating disorders, life transitions, relationship issues, and depression.

Experience with students of all ages: During my practicum at the University of San Francisco, I worked in the SFUSD public school system at both an elementary and an inner-city high school.

Developmentally, children in grade school use the language of play, and I was trained to hear and encourage their voice via play, sandtray and expressive arts therapies.

High school students are going through changes that lend themselves to communication issues with parents and teachers: they begin to place a higher importance on their peers, they have to adjust with their changing bodies, and may encounter bullying or other peer pressures.

At the University of San Diego I worked in both the Counseling Center and at the Center for Health and Wellness Promotion, where I helped students with adjustment issues, family & school pressures, depression, anxiety, and drug and alcohol issues.

Currently, I am working with children above the age of 10; both in my private practice and at Psycare, Inc., where I see clients who have Kaiser insurance.

Substance abuse can affect everybody: Since 2006, I have worked or volunteered in the drug and alcohol field.

At the National Council for Alcohol and other Drug Addictions in the Bay Area, I worked as the Program Coordinator, where I trained and supervised the over 50 volunteers on alcohol and other drug use, and basic counseling skills.

I consulted individuals and families in hour-long sessions and referred them to the next step in their recovery.