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CF card (Compact Flash) at first is a kind of data memory device of portable electronic equipment.

As a kind of memory device, it uses flash memory revolutionarily.

San Disk produces it firstly in 1994 and made relatively standard.

At present, the physical format of it has been taken by many devices.

Classification By the appearance the CF card can be devided into two kinds: CF I and later CF II card.

By the speed it can be devied into CF card, high speed CF card (CF CF 2.0 standard). CF II card slot was mainly uses for micro hardware and any other devices.

CF card and Camera Market CF card is the first flash memory standard competes with earlier and bigger PCMCIA I memory card.

It is established on the base of Intel NOR flash memory, and then changes to NAND flash memory.

CF is the oldest and most successful standard, especially adaptes to professional camera market.