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Some of my first coding experiences involved replicating complex ASCII art in DOS.

I can still vividly hear the latch lever's thick click and the chirring whir of the 5.25 floppy drive where I'd save my progress.

As a philosopher I'm fascinated by the underlying structures that give us insights into the observable behaviors of systems. Up till recently I'd only used vim a handful of times during my forays into Linux Fedora to make some basic edits. As my comment on the post indicates, the problem was slowly eating away at my soul.

I've primarily relied on Sublime like so many of the young kids, but lately I've become more Dev Ops-curious hence the first steps in the long, arduous journey to vim golf pro. Oh, and the title of this post is a not-particularly-clever reference to the etymological relationship between those words.

I think it appropriate that I'm lately reading both Gogol and Nabokov's insights into the same. So I'm logging in today because like many a starting developer, I'm working my way through this volume, and as I came across a part of a section on resizable arrays: If the sum of this series isn't obvious to you, imagine this: Suppose you have a kilometer-long walk to the store.

I like to imagine that, in a universe in which both were born into the current tech world as software developers for some horrible reason, they would wholeheartedly adopt vim's retrogrouch ways. You walk 0.5 kilometers, and then 0.25 kilometers, and then 0.125 kilometers, and so on.

You will never exceed one kilometer (although you'll get very close to it). It's nice to see these connections, and I'm hoping that the further I pursue this path, the more I'll be revisiting all the old philosophical problems of yore.

I think I intuitively understood the first, but to see it described in detail within the context of yarn's package management is a clarification for me.

As for the latter, there's a synchronicity here with a little art installation I made out of a neighbor's trash: I guess I hadn't much considered those last words since my uni days until Han brought it up recently, but I'm just now thinking there's a connection to be made between today's favorite things by considering the tragedy of the commons.